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At REDMATH we strongly believe in structured approaches. We have strict processes and methodologies that we use to assure cost effective, scalable, maintainable and reliable quality solutions in short time-to-market.

Software Development
Thesoftware development process of REDMATH combines Component Based Development with Service Oriented Architecture. We use UML (Use Cases, Class Models, Sequence Diagrams and Component Diagrams) to translate requirements into functional and technical designs. For testing, industry standard methodologies and tools are used to ensure maximum quality. Our Software Development Methodology is closely integrated with our Project Management methodology. We embrace deep involvement of the customer, especially in the design and test phases. Whenever possible, prototypes are used to get feedback as early as possible in the development cycle.

Project Management
REDMATH'sproject management methodology is based on the PMBOK of PMI. Based on our own experience the methodology was further refined and made very effective for offshore software development projects where customer and developers have to work from different locations. We have a phased approach to assure delivery of quality in time, within budget and according specifications. We are continuously striving to optimal performance and transparency to the customer. Frequent progress reporting and interactive evaluations are used to manage the projects in an optimal way and to mitigate risks. A repository with deliverables and project information such as timesheets and progress reports is always available via the customer support module of our website.

When required we can adapt to customer specific preferences regarding project management.

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