Engagement Models

REDMATH offers 3 different engagement models: the Project based, the Partnership model or the Extended Development Centre. REDMATH is also very open to other types of co-operation.

Project Based

This is the most commonly used model. Based on the customer's requirements REDMATH is invited to estimate the capacity and timelines it would need to deliver a certain project and/or engage in a time-material model on agile principles. We will deliver a clear proposal and when the customer agrees, the project is started. Depending on the preference of the client the bid can be based on a fixed price, time-material or a combination. Single maintenance contracts are treated in a similar way.


When multiple projects are frequently executed for a particular customer it may be beneficial for both parties to establish a partnership. A partnership is always a tailor made agreement that aims at commercial, operational and financial efficiency for both the customer and REDMATH. A framework agreement can be signed to prevent too much overhead for each individual project and a maintenance agreement can be made part of the partnership as well.

Extended Development Centre

The extended development centre is a concept of very close co-operation where we host and manage the customer's offshore software development centre. The employees working for the customer will be on REDMATH's payroll, but are fully dedicated to the customer's business. Of course we manage all other facilities as well. You only have to manage the prioritization process and decide what activities the resource capacity has to be spent on. For customers this is an optimal way to guarantee availability and continuity of resources without having to invest in a proprietary development centre. This model can be very attractive for any companies who wish to get (a part of) their development work done by a dedicated development center, but who do not (yet) have the intention to build up their own.