The engineers at REDMATH are equipped with multiple skills and with the latest tools & technologies. The skills vary from project planning, architecture, requirements analysis, functional and technical design, development, deployment, testing and maintenance.

A wide variety of technology is mastered by REDMATH:

  • Java, Python, C#, PHP, Swift, Open Source Frameworks, … etc.
  • All Java/J2EE Technologies, Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Hibernate, JPA, Apache CXF, Axis, Camel, Liquibase, JUnit
  • Portals , Web Components, SPA, Responsive / Progressive Web Apps, Material Design
  • Frontend Frameworks, Libraries, HTML5, Javascript, JAMStack, Bootstrap, Angular, Vue, React, Polymer, LitElement
  • IntelliJ IDEA, Spring Tool Suite, Eclipse, Visual Studio Code
  • Micro-services and API Development, Web Services, ReSTful APIs, SOAP Services, SOAP UI, Swagger, API Orchestration
  • CD / CI, DevOps, Git, Gitlab, Github, SourceTree, Apache Nexus, SonarQube, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Cloud Computing, IaaS, Paas, Azure, AWS, Jelastic
  • iOS and Android mobile development
  • .Net Technologies
  • Application Servers, WebSphere, WebLogic, JBoss, WildFly, Tomcat
  • Messaging Middlewares, MQSeries, JMS, ActiveMQ, Tibco EMS
  • Oracle DBMS, IBM DB2, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL Workbench, SQL Server Management Studio, SQL Developer
  • NoSQL, MongoDB, Apache Cassandra
  • Test Automation, BDD, Lettuce, Gherkin, Python, Selenium, PyCharm, OWASP Security Testing, Lighthouse, JMeter
  • Static Code Analysis, CheckStyle, SpotBugs, PMD, OWASP Dependency Check
  • Blockchain, Big Data, IoT and many more …